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Projects: Projects

25 MMSCFD Coal-Bed Methane Compressor Station


This project involved upgrading an existing facility to add three (3) new 1750 HP compressors with electric motor, Variable Frequency Drives, and the associated piping, power and control system design. This project also involved installation of additional process facility equipment for handling the coal-bed methane production and gas dehydration equipment addition.

Coal Bed 1.jpg

150 MMSCFD / 8,000 BPD Production Facility

Gulf of Mexico

This was a full oil and gas production facility with three stages of separation, oil treating and compression. Also included special piping design to accommodate pipe stresses resulting from bridge connected high pressure flowlines. Responsibilities included project management for the full process and mechanical design from conception, AFE development, procurement, site supervision and start-up. Full BOEM / BSEE, API RP 14C and SEMS compliance was maintained throughout the project.


Production Facility

Gulf of Mexico

FCG personnel performed the entire engineering and design function - structural, process, electrical - for one of the largest caisson supported production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. This facility had to maintain a minimal profile to keep environmental stresses down. It also had to be adaptable for expansion in the future. The wells were deep-gas wells, with high wellhead temperatures and pressures, with H2S and CO2 fractions. The facility included gas coolers, independent separators for each of 3 wells, complete water handling and disposal, motor controls, chemical injection, and a PLC safety system. The minimal structure had to incorporate the strength of the well conductors in order to resist environmental stresses. The facility is a unique, innovative design that is truly one of a kind.

Production Facility 2_edited.jpg

1.2 BSCFD Slug Catcher and Condensate Removal Facility


Responsibilities included design, project management and site supervision for a project to replace an existing Slug Catcher and the associated condensate removal facility. The scope of work included development of an innovative design for the slug catcher based on empirical data and separation principles. The scope of work also included process calculations, equipment sizing and specifications for all associated flash separators, gas scrubbers, inter-connecting piping and rotating equipment. Full PSM compliance was maintained throughout the project.

Slug Catcher.jpg

Multi-Level Modular Building Designs

U.S. Coast Guard & ABS Approved

FCG personnel designed the floor plans, structural shell/frames, electrical, plumbing, modular access walkways, cantilever structure, and installation plans for a two-level modular building complex, comprised of a workshop, a galley, two (2) sleeper modules, and an office. All 4 buildings had to be joined together offshore, with modular stairways and access walkways, all on an offshore structure that required cantilevering to support the modular buildings.

Modular Building.jpg

Pipeline Carousel and Winding Mechanism

Pipelay Motor Vessel

FCG personnel developed as-built drawings for an existing pipe-lay carousel and winder assembly, and modified the design to allow for increased storage capacity on the carousel. Our structural engineers matched the existing section properties, and our 3D graphic designers provided drawings for pre-fabricated assemblies to retrofit the existing carousel and communicate the required changes to the customer.

Carousel 1.jpg

Drilling Mud Mixing, Storage, and Offloading Plants

Louisiana & Texas

FCG personnel designed the piping assemblies, flow diagrams, and user interfaces per client direction for the construction of drilling support mud-mixing facilities in Cameron, LA, Fourchon, LA, and Edinburg, TX. We have a good working knowledge of the processes and components and design requirements involved in preparing various types of drilling mud and completion fluid recipes.

Cameron Mud Plant.jpeg

Crane Pedestal Adapters

Gulf of Mexico

FCG personnel designed the transition adapter for mounting a temporary crane on a dive-support / salvage vessel outfitted for work in the Gulf of Mexico. The adapter had to be engineered to match both the existing crane pedestal mating flange and the temporary crane pedestal bearing mount assembly. Bolt-up alignment was critical; so field measurements had to be dead-on. Our field experience and general knowledge of the crane assemblies allowed FCG to come through for our client in a short amount of time to meet a contractual delivery deadline and avoid revenue losses for their customer. We respond to our customer’s needs!

Crane Pedestal FEA.png

Hurricane Remediation and Restoration

Gulf of Mexico

FCG personnel hit the ground running on the morning(s) after the recent natural disasters that hit the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Our customer’s production facilities were devastated by the storms. In order to help them get their facilities back on line, we rolled up our sleeves, worked long hours, and committed our superior resources to the effort. Our efforts combined with those of many client and service company personnel helped to get facilities restored, production flowing, and “job creating / maintaining” revenues from oil and gas coming in. Our geographic location in Lafayette, LA - the “Hub-City”, provides us with a logistical, strategic advantage; being close to Houston and New Orleans, and close to major production ports Venice, Fourchon, Cameron, and Intracoastal City, as well as the fabrication centers in Harvey, Houma, New Iberia, Corpus Christi, and Galveston.

Hurricane 3.jpg

Track & Field Events – Modular, Portable Runway Assemblies


FCG won’t back down from engineering and design challenges. We’re willing to take on new and innovative designs – even when they are outside the scope of our standard operations. We designed these modular track run-ways for a track & field products manufacturer, for a turn-key package to one of their customers, which involved the sale of a significant amount of their product. Our involvement in the graphics and engineering design helped them to “seal the deal”. We enjoy this kind of work!

Track 1.jpg

Specialty Work Samples

Gulf of Mexico

FCG prepares drawings of this type to facilitate the installation of pre-fabricated equipment and piping at remote facilities. It is not always practical for a construction installation contractor to visit a facility prior to construction to get a feel for the work scope. In this case, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and can save $1,000’s too!

Demo Drawing.JPG

Dredging Jetting Manifold


FCG designed this jetting manifold as a response to a client need to be able to efficiently dredge in a stiff soil material. Several solutions are available to this challenge, but the approach was to minimize or eliminate moving parts for design simplicity and reliability. Flexibility was also part of the design objective to be able to adapt to changes in the system.

16-017 DP-150B Rendering.jpg

Production Manifold

Gulf of Mexico

FCG provides design and analysis of many packages with varying constraints including size weight and lifting limitations. Equipment, piping and structural components are then detailed through annotation construction drawings to communicate the design.

Isometric Rendering (4X6).jpg

Truck Unloading Terminal


This project was for the design of an on/off spec truck unloading facility.  Responsibilities included the design for process, piping, civil, structural as well as equipment evaluation. Components included truck unloading bays with scales, on-spec and off-spec bullet tanks, filter coalescer, slop water tanks, sump tank, sliding vane centrifugal unloading pumps, off-spec fluid positive displacement transfer pumps, on-spec fluid multistage centrifugal pipeline pumps, and on-spec fluid coriolis meter skid.

14-032 Goliad Truck Unloading Terminal ICP Assembly Model (061714)2.jpg
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